A Conservative Approach to Winning on Wall Street

EMILU BAILES (eBailes) is an evidence-based Options Investor. Emilu and her husband Gerald Robison, created BRIC Enterprises, Corporation, a private inestment firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007

She became a student of William J. O'Neil writings in the early 1990's. He founded Investor's Business Daily (IBD) in April 1984 as a result of his successful development and application of evidence-based investing methodology, which he named Can Slim (R). He is reported to have realized more than 40 percent average annual returns on his investments throughout the 1980's. His now famous book, How To Make Money in Stocks, was first published in 1988. A copy of this best-seller was often sent to new subscribers of the IBD newspaper. In the early 1990's Emilu was one such recipient as a new IBD subscriber.

The combination of the methodology and the IBD publication was a sound platform for successful investing in that decade. Emilu says, Making money was pretty easy in the 'Great Tech Bull Market' of the late 90's where all you had to do was throw a dart at the IBD-100 and buy the stock it landed on. I thought I was a genius! Sadly, I didn't pay enough attention to the Sell Rules in those days, and I lost much of the fortune I had gained when the tech bubble burst. I knew that Options offered a method for protecting capital and more; I just didn't have the time to learn about Options, as my job with Abbott Laboratories gave me little free time."

Retirement from Abbott in 2003, after a successful career in sales and sales management, provided the time for the exploration of options education Emilu sought. After a few expensive, disappointing attempts with nationally known options education companies, she discovered OptionsANIMAL.com. After mastery of their options curriculum she joined the coaching staff there as an instructor and mentor.

"My education has allowed me to combine O'Neil's fundamental style of stock selection with the conservative application of Options for capital preservation and capital gains. Knowing how to manage the trade in any market environment by using the evidence of supply and demand, while having the discipline to follow the rules, is the key to success."